Ballet students celebrate exam success

From left, Ellen Stewart, Hannah Kettlewell, Charlotte Lamb, Eva Clinton and Beth Butler.

More than 40 students who took their ballet exams with the Royal Academy of Dance through Janet Seymour’s School of Theatre Dance have all gained merit, high merit or distinction results.

The students were the last who took the complete the exam under the tutelage of Janet Seymour before the school was taken over by former student Hannah Smith,

Janet said: “Students aged aged from six to 18 and at all levels from primary to advanced have worked so hard to continue dancing through these unprecedented times and I am extremely proud of what they have achieved.”

The students included Ellen Stewart, 15, Hannah Kettlewell, 15, Charlotte Lamb, 13, Eva Clinton, 14, and Beth Butler aged 15.

Most of these students have trained with the school in Reeth from the age of three.

They took their intermediate ballet exam which is the second of the vocational exams with the Royal Academy of Dance and all will continue with the advanced work.

Beth said: “I was overwhelmed with my mark as I was not expecting to do so well on such a high grade!

“Sometimes it was hard work juggling school especially during exams but I am very glad I stuck through it with support of my teachers

“I really enjoyed getting to lesson as it was often an escape from a stressful at school. I gave me something else to focus on. It was also a enjoyable way to spend time with my friends.”

Ellen said: “I couldn’t quite believe the mark I had achieved for this high grade in ballet I think having a lesson every week to look forward to after a busy day at school is what kept me going, even if the lesson’s were hard I knew it was Mrs Seymour supporting me to get a good mark in my exam.

“I found it really helpful having a class that you put 100% of your focus into because it means you forgot about the stress of exams and school. I also love dancing with my best friends it is great fun.”

Charlotte added: “I was thrilled to receive a distinction because the standard is so high.

“I had worked very hard and although sometimes it’s tiring it’s extremely rewarding. I really like rehearsing the variation as it makes me feel free. Ballet gives me an interest outside of school so it takes my mind away from my school work for a while.”

Hannah said: “I was very excited to get my result and when I did I was happy and relieved.

“The run up to the exam was hard work, we had lots of extra lessons that were beneficial to getting a good grade, which everyone of course wanted.

“The extra lessons Mrs Seymour gave us was a great opportunity, I enjoyed spending time with my friends whilst doing something that I love.”

Eva said: “I was relieved when I found out I passed my exam and received a merit, as I had been working hard for it.

“Practising for my exam gave me a good break from my school work, I always looked forward to my classes after school.”