Bank Holiday revellers leave broken glass and drug paraphernalia at Richmond Falls

Nitrous oxide canisters left at the falls in Richmond.

Visitors to Richmond Falls left behind broken glass and drug paraphernalia today.

For the second weekend in a row, large groups of people gathered at the beauty spot, despite lockdown restrictions banning public gatherings.

The visitors again left behind large amounts of rubbish.

The litter included broken glass and dozens of nitrous oxide cannisters.

The gas is inhaled and can make users feel euphoric and relaxed.

It is not illegal to possess but is illegal to sell.

The rubbish was later cleared up by volunteers

Richmondshire District Council last week said it was stepping up patrols in the area after crowds left rubbish at the falls last week.

The authority warned that if would issue fines to those caught dropping litter.

Photos: Dereck King. 

Volunteers collected numerous bags of rubbish.



  1. Words fail me, these morons need arresting and banning from Richmond and the Countryside altogether. Who needs them!! I hope the police can give out some hefty fines, as if they don’t have enough to do!!

  2. As I put on facebook earlier. Cars stopped at end of my house riverside road,occupants drinking and drunk cos cans in hands ,cans down n urinated on my house wall.disgusting behaviour. I will not let it happen again. Afraid next time itll be a confrontation .

  3. It needs patrols going down and taking pictures throughout the day then you have the culprits that leave it behind heavy fines and cars to be put in pound will soon stop it

  4. Authorities knew this would happen again. Why were non of them there to impose these supposed fines? Thank goodness for those young people prepared to pick up after the morons

  5. Where were the police, surely they should of been there in force as this was expected!! They should if been fined and moved on, they know they can co.e and do this as there is no concequences. Thank you to the young volunteers for cleaning up after the scum bags, at least we have something to be proud of.

  6. It’s evident that these people don’t care for the environment nor the safety of the NHS. These people need located and named and shamed including a fine.

  7. Would be interesting to know just how many fines were handed out over the weekend at this location for both littering and for the government lockdown restrictions. After last weeks episode the authorities should have had enough time to pull resources together and hit this ongoing problem head on let these inconsiderate menaces of society know that Richmondshire are not going to put up with this kind of behaviour anymore.
    Yes enjoy this beautiful part of the world but don’t abuse it and spoil it for others.

  8. What is needed is action not words. Until someone made an example of the message will never get home and I’m not talking about a twenty quid fine.

  9. Let’s also add that there were plenty of “boy racers” doing some sort of circuit that included Sleegill…a huge disruption to a lovely day. Sleegill also had canisters asking the road where many, many cars were parked on either side of the road.
    The lack of respect for beautiful areas where wonderful people live and the non-existent social distancing by indivudals who clearly were not from the same household confounds me.
    I agree with DJW, someone needs to be made an example of.

  10. It was obvious that this situation would happen again
    Where were the Police and the Council to prevent this ??
    Thed leader of the Council and the Police Commisioner should be helld to account and made to explain to the public in Richmond what plans and actions they had in place to prevent this
    They love publicity and are always going on about all the benefits that cycling brings to the area – but this not a word
    We pay their very high salaries and expect them to preform which obviously they do not seem to
    It must not be allowed to reoccur !!!!

  11. It’s all over fb and twitter! Videos include a student nurse from Middlesbrough who also works in a care home…

    People need to have more respect.

  12. Why are our local elected councillors not kicking up a storm over this. Isn’t this why they are elected by us, to protect our community .

  13. (I hope no-one’s blaming cyclists for this?) That said, whoever left this disgusting mess and probably terrorised local residents with their noise and behaviour were behaving appallingly. After the previous Wednesday and the litter left then, I have no idea why the police weren’t there in force (sorry about the pun) this BH weekend. How incredible of the youngsters to clear up. I’m delighted that there are such lovely young people out there who care. I seem to recall that (possibly) the same kids worked like mad to get the Richmond Music thing up and going after flooding. Please, Richmondshire Police, show your presence at the Falls for a few weekends and every BH from now on.

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