Barclays to keep cash machine in Hawes – but machine to be temporarily switched off

Barclays Bank in Hawes before its closure.

Barclays has told community leaders it will keep its cash machine in Hawes amid worries about how recent changes announced by the company will affect Dales customers.

However, the machine will be switched off for more than a month while changes are made to the premises.

Barclays shut its branch in Hawes earlier this year and this week announced it would be stopping its customers from withdrawing their money at post offices.

The announcement raised concerns in the Wensleydale town, which has no other banks and only one other cash machine.

However, the bank has confirmed that its cash machine will remain in the town and its current premises, although it will need to be switched off for five to six weeks.

Adrian Davies, regional market director for the company, said in an email to community leaders: “I would like to reassure you that we are committed to provide a cash ATM service for the town and have therefore accelerated our plans to continue with an ATM service at our existing premises.

“In order for this to meet with our security requirements, there are a number of structural changes required to the property which involves the move of the electrical service and provision for an ATM area to be created within the building.

“Unfortunately, the above will require a 5-6 week downtime of the current ATM which is scheduled to happen from next week.

“This is in line with the arrangements we have been making with the electrical board and our premises team and attempts to keep the downtime as low as possible.

“It is important that we get the new ATM up and running as soon as possible and have needed to accept the earliest change that the electrical board can provide.

“Although the downtime will be a disappointment for the town hopefully you see the longer term future of the ATM service as a positive outcome and before the changes are made to the post office service early next year.”

The ATM is due to close next week for the work to start.

Jill McMullon, chair of Hawes and High Abbotside Parish Council, has welcomed the news that the machine would stay, but urged the bank to complete the work before January 1 when customers will no longer be able to withdrawn their money at post offices.

She said: “The bank says it will take five or six weeks to do essential work so as it’s closing next week.

“We need assurance all work will be completed before January 1. We also need assurances about what will happen if the cash machine is out of action as it often is.

“Banks are encouraging a cashless society.  They simply have no understanding of rural life do they think contactless payments are available or indeed practical in the middle of a deeply rural Yorkshire Dales where not everyone has access to internet.”

Richmondshire district councillor Yvonne Peacock has also welcomed the news from Barclays.

She said: “When I met with Adrian Davis  I made it very clear of having the machine in-house especially in the centre of Hawes.”


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  1. Goodby Barclays it has been no joy knowing you and other banks still believe in customer service not SELF SERVICE.

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