Barefoot runner stops off at Tan Hill

Anna McNuff at Tan Hill.

An adventurer who is running 2,620 miles — the equivalent of 100 marathons — across Britain barefoot stopped off at the country’s highest pub last week.

Anna McNuff is an ambassador for Girlguiding and is doing the Barefoot Britain challenge to inspire girls and young women and to show them can do anything they set their minds to.

During the five-month run from the Shetland Islands to London, Anna is stopping off at Girlguiding groups to talk about the challenge.

She said: “I’m going to be encouraging them to reach for things that are just beyond what they believe they are capable of, and if I’m asking them to do that, then I have to be on that journey too — them’s the rules.

“I could do the run in trainers, but trying to do it in bare feet takes the challenge up a notch (or five). So bare feet it is. Plus, I do love a barefoot wander.”

Anna set off on the challenge at the begging of June.

She is staying at B&B, pubs and host families who have offered to pout her up free of charge during the trip.

She arrived at Tan Hill with a injury to her calf but got some welcome refreshment at the Dales pub.

She said: “After some calf treatment and a day of rest I tested the ole muscles out with a 16-miler; some soreness but very manageable.

“Yesterday I sneaked things to 18 miles and all feels good. The pain was of course further eased by chips,  choccie, and shandy on the house from the gang at the Tan Hill Inn.”

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