‘Batman’ helps to fix potholes in Richmond

As if Rishi Sunak didn’t have enough to worry about with the betting scandal and a student pooing in his pond, he’s now got Batman on his case.

The caped crusader was in Richmond today calling out the Prime Minister while apparently helping to fix the town’s pothole problem.

In an exclusive interview with Richmondshire Today at the town’s Ship Inn, the Dark Knight said: “The Joker aka Rishi Sunak has got it all wrong and I am here to fix it.”

He added: “There are 14 million potholes in Richmondshire alone and Batman will fix them.

“I have travelled all the way from Gotham to fix the potholes which have been caused by the Joker.

“I’ve asked the electorate what they want and what they want is their potholes fixed. You can either die a hero or you can live a long life without fixing the potholes.”

While Batman told our reporter their real name was Batham Manley, it is believed the costume was actually worn by YouTuber prankster Niko Omilana, who is one of 13 candidates standing in the Richmond and Northallerton constituency in Thursday’s General Election.



The YouTuber’s name appears on the ballot in at least ten other areas, prompting concerns he had broken the law as it is an offence to stand in more than one constituency.

However, he told the press this week that he had got people to legally change their names so he could appear on the ballot in multiple different constituencies.


The 13 candidates for the Richmond and Northallerton constituency are:

  • Independent – Jason Barnett
  • Count Binface Party – Count Binface
  • Liberal Democrats – Daniel Callaghan
  • Independent – Angie Campion
  • Workers Party – Louise Dickens
  • Green – Kevin Foster
  • Yorkshire – Rio Goldhammer
  • Independent – Niko Omilana
  • Independent – Brian Richmond
  • Monster Raving Loony – Sir Archibald Stanton
  • Conservative – Rishi Sunak
  • Reform UK – Lee Taylor
  • Labour – Tom Wilson