Bid submitted for £19m Catterick town centre improvements grant

From left, county council leader Carl les, district council leader Angie Dale and Major General Richard Clements.

A £19m bid for funding to re-vamp a neglected area of Catterick Garrison and expand the existing town centre has been lodged.

Richmondshire District Council, in partnership with North Yorkshire County Council and the MOD, has submitted an application to central government’s levelling up fund.

It details proposals for the £21m initial phase of a regeneration programme for enhancing Catterick town centre – including the re-development of land around Shute Road to provide more community facilities and space and to improve pedestrian connectivity.

It is hoped this would pave the way for further improvements that will deliver extra retail and commercial premises and drive further investment into the area and the wider town centre for both the military and civilian communities.

“We want to see Shute Road and the area around it transformed into an attractive, vibrant and inclusive town centre,” said district council eader, Councillor Angie Dale.

“They are very exciting plans for the town – a new town square with a community and enterprise facility and the rejuvenation of Coronation Park will bring in more businesses and therefore more people giving the town centre the focus it doesn’t currently have.”

She said the plans include:

  • a new town square
  • landscaping improvements – including upgrading Coronation Park and Shute Road by proving enhanced play/ active spaces and provide enhanced accessibility routes linking into the existing town centre
  • enhance key footpaths and cycle ways through Coronation Park and on the approach to the town centre
  • a new community and enterprise facility with glass pavilion and outdoor seating area

North Yorkshire County Council’s leader, Cllr Carl Les, who represents the Catterick Village and Brompton-on-Swale division and previously represented the entire Catterick Garrison, said: “The Levelling Up Fund provides the opportunity to introduce wide-ranging improvements in areas of the country which are often most in need.

“We have worked closely with our colleagues at Richmondshire District Council and the Ministry of Defence to draw up the bid which, if approved, will be of huge benefit to Catterick and the surrounding area for years to come.”

Major General Richard Clements, director basing and infrastructure, said: “The Army is very supportive of the regeneration of Catterick town centre, and a successful bid will provide the funding to deliver the joint vision for the town. Delivering the right infrastructure is key to encouraging investment in what will be a vibrant community that will greatly benefit our serving personnel, their families, and the wider civilian community.”

The Levelling Up Bid develops feasibility work that was jointly funded by the district council, MoD and the North Yorkshire and York Local Enterprise Partnership – and is also linked to the

Catterick Garrison Masterplan that has been considered through the Richmondshire Local Plan Review.


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  1. What’s the point of expense for cycle paths in Catterick, the paths already there are not used by most cyclists

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