Bid to plant 500 trees in Richmondshire launches

f Scorton Parish Council, right, with Councillor Philip Wicks.

The second phase of a scheme to increase tree planting in parishes across Richmondshire has been launched.

Last year, more than 300 new trees were planted as part of the district council’s ‘communitree’ project.

In phase two – with another £3,500 to allocate – it is hoped to plant a further 500 saplings.

The scheme is bringing local communities together to not just plant but care for the trees – as shown in Scorton where the parish council planted 159 of mixed trees in an area of land bordering playing fields.

A mixture of hawthorn, dog rose, blackthorn, hazel, holly, crab apple and field maple has created a hedgerow to create natural growth around an unattractive fence.

“Without the grant from the district council we would not have been able to re-purpose this land for our small woodland,” said David Rafelt, vice chairman of Scorton Parish Council pictured with Councillor Philip Wicks.

“The scheme has brought the parish together – there is a group that cares for them and we are looking forward to seeing them flourish for the community to enjoy for years to come.”

Scorton was one of eight parishes that took part in the 2021 scheme – it is hoped that many more parishes will now identify land that can be used this time round, and also what type of trees they would like to plant.

These proposals would be confirmed with a site visit by council officers with trees ordered for delivery in November ready for planting by December.

“We hope to have hundreds more trees planted in 2022 leaving a legacy from this authority for future generations,” said Councillor Philip Wicks.

“Planting trees is good for the environment and contributes to actions identified in our climate action plan. I hope lots of parishes take up this opportunity – all they need to do is identify the land, the type of tree and agree to plant them – we will do the rest!”

Parishes are asked to contact the climate change team at for more information, and express interest in the scheme by completing the form at: