Bike blocking Catterick Garrison sewer removed

Photo: Yorkshire Water.

Yorkshire Water has reminded people to ‘bin it, don’t block it’ after finding a bike blocking a sewer in Catterick Garrison.

Workers said the obstruction had caused a blockage, increasing the likelihood of leakage, but once removed the sewer level returned to normal.

Mark Hammond, head of customer field services at Yorkshire Water said: “It’s unclear how the bicycle made it into the sewer network, but it was difficult for our team to recover.

“Since lockdown began, we have seen an increase in the proportion of blockages caused by DIY materials, but a bicycle is a very unusual find.

“The incorrect disposal of items can cause blockages in the network and can result in flooding in homes, neighbourhoods and the local environment, so it’s really important residents pay attention to our guidance around what should enter the network.

“People should only flush the 3 Ps – pee, poo and (toilet) paper and should not throw other items, such as DIY materials or even bicycles, into the sewers.”