Bilsdale Mast helpline to be switched off

The new Bilsdale mast.

TV viewers are being reminded that the Bilsdale Mast helpline will close on July.

The new Bilsdale mast began transmitting TV services to the region on May 22, with HD services restored on June 4.

Arqiva, which operates the site, says most viewers noticed very little disruption, if any, as the new mast stands on the same site as the old one, and uses the same channels and frequencies as the 80m tower that was previously providing signals.

Anyone who still experiences disruption, or a loss of services, is first asked to perform a retune and to call the helpline before 07 July on 0800 121 4828 if any problem persists.

Adrian Twyning, chief of operations at Arqiva, said: “Only a very small percentage of all viewers served by the Bilsdale mast have needed to contact our helpline for support since we switched on the new mast.

“We have quickly been able to send engineers out to homes where a visit was deemed necessary.

“The number of calls and visits required have steadily declined since switch on, highlighting that the vast majority of viewers have now had their TV services restored.

“With this in mind, and with TV services being transmitted as before, we feel it is time to close the helpline as any new issues experienced from now will be unrelated to the Bilsdale mast disruption.

“Until then, however, we want to make everyone aware that help is still available if required. Anyone in the region who has ongoing issues with their TV signal should try retuning, and call the helpline before it closes if problems persist.

“I would also ask that people check in with neighbours, relatives and friends, particularly the elderly or vulnerable, and if they have continuing problems with signal disruption to contact the helpline.”

After July 7, advice and information including guides to retuning your TV, will still be available on the website