Bin trucks used for visitor safety campaign

Richmondshire’s fleet of bin trucks are being used as part of a campaign to encourage visitors to visit the district safely.

Last month the district council launched a stream of marketing lines under the banner, Visit Richmondshire Safely: protect, respect and enjoy, urging people to visit but to do so with respect to the communities and the people living and working in them.

A new film is being aired, posters are on display, radio advertising was run and a digital advertising vehicle has been touring the district.

Messages include social distancing, parking, queuing safely and washing hands, as well as taking litter home and picking up after pets.

All the themes are being backed by social media messaging on the council’s accounts.

“We are asking visitors to come to Richmondshire but to remember all the guidelines we have in place to make it a safe place,” said council leader, Councillor Angie Dale.

“With the recent rise in covid19 cases around the country this is even more important – we simply ask everyone to respect our communities and make sure we are able to remain open for business as we head into autumn.”

She said local businesses and parishes are also embracing the campaign by displaying the posters and messages.

Any community needing copies of them should email

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  1. I wonder just how much our council has spent on all this advertising when perhaps the money would be spent more wisely making it safe to crosd the bridge between The Station and town following the two metre rule AND safely. People who visit don’t wear masks or keep away. I fear it’s more money wssted!

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