Bird flu found in chickens in Dales

An outbreak of avian flu has been reported in upper Swaledale.

Officials say the case was found in a flock of ‘backyard chickens’.

The H5N1 outbreak was found on Thursday this week.

Yesterday, further tests confirmed it was a ‘highly pathogenic strain’ (HPAI H5N1), with further genetic sequencing how underway to confirm whether this was also the same H5N1 strain that had previously found in wild birds.

A 3km and 10km temporary control zone and 10km temporary movement restriction zone have been declared around the premises.

The control zones around the outbreak site.

Explaining the implications of the outbreak, Bainbridge Vets said in a statement: “As many of you will be aware we have had a local case confirmed of avian influenza.

“A 3km and a 10km restriction zone has been applied as per the picture below.

“If you have any suspicion of disease then Defra needs to be notified.

“Please remember all poultry and captive birds must be kept housed and away from wild birds at this time.”

Last month, thousands of turkeys were to culled at a farm near Northallerton after an outbreak of bird flu.All 10,500 birds at the turkey fattening premises were killed to limit the spread of the disease.

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