Birds and open bins blamed for litter problem

Crows have been blamed for litter problems in Hawes.

An investigation to identify public areas plagued by litter is being launched, amid claims some rubbish hotspots are being caused by having wrong type of bin.

Richmond Central councillor Clive World’s motion to replace open bins within three years follows claims that towns such as Richmond and Leyburn were suffering on a daily basis from birds lifting out the remnants of takeaways.

Cllr World said while bird-proof bins were available, other areas such as The Batts in Richmond had bins that were too small.

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He said: “There is an unholy mess. The top of the bins are a disgrace being covered with muck.

“I would suggest that everywhere where there is a takeaway place nearby you have problems with the birds pulling out the rubbish.

“You can see other vermin moving round early in the morning because of these open bins.”

Other councillors suggested recycling bins should also be made available. Members of the authority have agreed to refer the proposal to one of its scrutiny committees.

The problem of birds causing litter problems has already been identified in Hawes.

Councillor John Blackie wrote to the district council earlier this month about the problem.

He said: “Crows are rifling the litter bins in the Cattle Market, mainly extracting old fish and chip papers, and the scene in the morning is one of paper and food deposits all over the pavement and road.”

In response, Colin Dales, corporate director for operations, said the bins would be replaced by ones with flaps to stop birds removing rubbish.

He added: “Hopefully, this should resolve the problem.

“The bin change will be undertaken over the next 4 weeks, hopefully sooner if resources and bin supplies permit.”



  1. Worst litter in West Witton is the recycling day. Half the time it is very windy and plastic bottles and papers get blown around. The recycling team don’t have the time to pick litter that they see or accidentally make

  2. All well and good it’s a great idea but what about the people who don’t even use a bin how can we change this? 🙁

  3. Scotch corner, sedbury services, are the same!! Daily emptying needs to be done there, this will stop the birds collecting there to empty said bins!! Instead of maybe once or twice a week! Especially on a weekend when they are clearly not emptied

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