Breakfast by the lake as Christians celebrate the Easter story

Daybreak over Semerwater as Easter Day is celebrated. Photo Anita Watson.

By Betsy Everett

Churchgoers of all denominations gathered by Semerwater on Sunday in a bitterly cold dawn to celebrate Easter Day and recall the post-resurrection account of Jesus’s sharing of the cooked fish by the Sea of Galilee.

More than 60 people from the four churches of the Upper Dales Benefice – Askrigg, Bainbridge, Hardraw and Hawes – as well as visitors and guests arrived in the dark for the all-age, inclusive service conducted by the Revd Dave Clark.

Special permission had been sought for the lighting of fire baskets on the shingle beach as the fish – not hauled miraculously from the lake as John’s Gospel recounts, but nevertheless a reminder of the biblical story of shared resources – was barbecued, and bread shared. The service of Bible readings, a sermon, acapella singing, and the vicar playing his ukulele, was followed by an Easter egg hunt for the children.
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The Revd Dave Clark distributes the bread and the cooked fish. Photo Anita Watson.


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  1. A lovely start to Easter Day . I was there along with all the others keeping warm by the fires & eating fish & bread. Thanks to vicar Dave & his wife Sarah who master-minded it all.

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