BREAKING: Barclays announce closure of Richmond branch

Barclays in Richmond. Photo: Google.

Barclays have today announced the closure of its Richmond branch — the last remaining bank in Richmondshire.

The branch will shut on December 4 next year.

A Barclays spokesperson said: “Back when we opened this branch, visiting us in person was one of the only ways to do your banking. Now, as there are lots of ways to manage your money without even leaving your home, we’re seeing many customers choosing to bank using our app, and online or telephone banking.

“This has had a big impact on the number of customers coming in to see us.

“When deciding whether to close this branch, we looked carefully at how it’s been used and how customers are banking in other ways.”

The announcement comes closures of HSBC, NatWest, Lloyds and Yorkshire Bank branches in the town.

Barclays and HSBC have also shut their branches in Leyburn and Hawes in recent years.

North Yorkshire Council’s Richmond councillor Stuart Parsons said he was “disgusted by” the announcement.

“It’s all about profit. They pushed people onto online banking and then surprise surprise there’s no more branches.

“What do you expect from big business. They don’t deserve loyal customers.”

The councillor said they had received a day’s notice about the planned closure and there was no consultation, leaving the local community with no chance of overturning the decision.

“They’ve not left us with any time to do anything about it,” he added.


  1. DISGUSTING!!!!! The elderly in this region are not thought about at all. How on earth are they gonna manage with on line banking. Yet another decision made by people sitting in their ivory towers, not giving a thought or caring about people living in this area. Shame on them!!!

  2. So the elderly will start and keep their money at home with no banks and will become targets for thieves, I’m mid fifties and I don’t bank online and have no intention of ever doing so. These days the way things are going you are better off to buy a high end safe and keep your money where you know where it is because why fund the lavish lifestyles of the so called top bankers.

  3. The banking hub is a jolly good idea and even better than having so many separate banks in a small town.
    (The article doesn’t mention that the Bedale branch of Barclay’s has closed too.)
    How many elderly people pay cash in? For many years it has been possible to withdraw cash at post offices and it is still possible to pay bills by cheque sent by post. And by the way, many elderly people are perfectly capable of doing our banking online.)

  4. They forget that the elderly were the people over the years that put their hard earned money into the banks and kept them ticking over nicely. Now the system is run by people who have no thought for anyone else but the god of profits. It’s the elderly that don’t have family to help them out Tu understand how to get their money out of the banks. If you ring up it’s usually a person who you can’t understand, thousands of miles away to whom it’s just a job and they could care less about your problems.

  5. I am treasurer of a local church and often have lots of cash and cheques which I cannot bank online.
    I think it’s very sad that the last bank in Richmond is going.
    Also, my mum is a Barclays customer, aged 86 and cannot access online so how is she going to cope?

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