Britain’s highest pub issues poster appeal to keep spirits high during lockdown

Posters in the windows at the Tan Hill Inn.

Staff at Britain’s highest pub are creating a window display to keep spirits up during the lockdown — and have appealed for help to fill the gaps.

The Tan Hill Inn, in Arkengarthdale, is closed during the lockdown and staff have been furloughed.

But several staff members live at the pub and so are still there.

Manager Nicola Townsend admits it can feel ‘rather isolated’ at times.

“Tan Hill is home to some staff so we have no choice but to stay here.

“We do feel rather isolated at times, but that’s to be expected being at the highest pub in Britain.”

She added: “The sun shines every day but there’s no such thing as sunbathing as it has been constantly very windy.

“I thought the pictures would be a nice idea to have some contact with the outside world. I also wanted to show that just because we are so out of the way, we are joining in.”

Nicola said that although there were very few cars passing the pub due to the restrictions, the window display was still getting vierwed.

“There’s the postie who delivers daily with a smile, police who patrol every day at regular intervals — sometimes they stop and chat which is lovely.

“There are also national park wardens who do regular patrols. One has already complimented us on having pictures up. He is going to watch out for when we have more and take photos to put on the Dale’s Facebook group.


“There are also farmers who drive by while checking on their flocks and gamekeepers who are out regularly out and about in the area.”

Nicola said they also helped to keep up staff spirits.

“We have our lights on blue on Thursday night and even though no one can hear us we do go out to clap and show our appreciation.

“It would be great to receive some wonderful pictures for NHS and key workers including all those key workers who will see our window gallery.

“From the bottom of our hearts, we would like to thank all NHS staff ,including porters, cleaners, caterers, admin and any others who work for NHS for doing all they are doing to care and protect us all.”

Poster can be sent to Tan Hill via Facebook here or by email to [kofi]