Brompton-on-Swale workers get charity raffle tickets

From left, Colin Heaney Ruth Wallis Michael Ambrose Tina Simpson Jonathan Simpson Paul Soutar Janet Porritt.

Workers at a Brompton-on-Swale aggregates company have been rewarded for their hard work by being given the opportunity to win over one thousand pounds in time for Christmas.

Employees at Shire Aggregates have been given tickets for the Christmas Cash Raffle in aid of St Teresa’s Hospice, Darlington, putting them in with a chance of winning £1,500.

A second prize of £750 and a third prize of £250 are also to be won in the draw, which will take place on Christmas Eve.

Shire Aggregates’ managing director Jonathan Simpson said: “As a thank you for their hard work this year we have given tickets to all our members of staff, who will also have the opportunity to purchase further tickets.

“We wanted to give something back and what would be better than winning some much-needed money at this time of year.”

Shire Aggregates pledged their support to the hospice, which must raise over £3 million each year to provide vital care and support services for the people of South Durham and North Yorkshire, by donating the top prize for its first ever cash raffle.

Jonathan said: “We have supported the hospice behind the scenes attending events for many years but following a visit earlier this year we took the decision to offer direct support where we can. The Christmas raffle is a fantastic way of raising money for the hospice.”

Chief executive of St Teresa’s Hospice Jane Bradshaw said: “This raffle will not only raise vital funds for St Teresa’s Hospice but will also give our lucky winners an early Christmas gift.

“It’s wonderful that Shire Aggregates have not only sponsored the top prize but they have also rewarded their employees by giving them tickets for the draw. We would encourage other local organisations to get in touch if they can get involved.”

Tickets for the prize draw are on sale now and cost just £1 each, available from St Teresa’s Hospice and its 10 retail outlets.

The draw will take place at 1pm on Tuesday, December 24.

Winners will be notified immediately after the draw and the results will be posted to the hospice’s Facebook Page. For more information contact the hospice on 01325 254321 or visit