Brompton-on-Swale man jailed for assaulting police officers

Stephen Hennings.

A man will spend Christmas in prison after he attacked police officers in two separate incidents.

Earlier this month, Stephen Hennings, wielded a broken bottle and kicked an officer in the torso when they responded to reports of public disorder in Brompton-on-Swale, where the 31-year-old lives.

In a separate incident in June, he assaulted a different police officer at Darlington Memorial Hospital.

Hennings was remanded in custody and pleaded guilty to the attacks.

North Yorkshire Police says anyone who assaults emergency service workers can expect similar consequences.

Inspector Mark Gee, who is based in Richmond, said: “There is simply no excuse for this kind of behaviour – it’s unacceptable, unlawful and very distressing for officers who put themselves at risk to keep everyone safe.

“While most people celebrate in good spirits, unfortunately we do encounter a significant amount of violent behaviour directed towards us over the Christmas and New Year period.

“Many of our officers will be spending this time apart from their families to help keep our communities safe 24/7. But being kicked, or punched, or spat at isn’t part of the job and will never be tolerated.

“This Christmas and all year round, anyone who assaults emergency service workers can expect to be dealt with robustly, which often includes a prison sentence.”