Brompton-on-Swale company completes world’s largest pigging project

Inpipe Products has completed what is believed to be the world's biggest pigging project.

Richmondshire company Inpipe Products has completed an integrated sea water inlet cleaning system for a series of inlet pipelines in what is believed to be the largest pigging project in the world.

Commissioned by a South Korean conglomerate, the Brompton-on-Swale-based company has supplied cleaning tools, loading equipment, launching equipment together with an integrated tracking that will be used on some of the world’s largest pipelines, measuring 90-inch in diameter.

The cleaning tool – commonly known as a pig or scraper – will be delivered for use at an Algerian power plant for five pipelines carrying cooling water.

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The pig will maintain the pipeline’s integrity and prevent internal build of contaminants to facilitate optimum through-put capacity within the pipeline.

Speaking about the contract, Peter Fretwell, director of pigging services, said: “In my 40 years of experience in the industry, this is by far one of the largest and most technically complex projects that I have ever been involved in.

“We are delighted to have developed an integrated cleaning and loading/launching system that has never before been created on this scale. “

“We believe we were awarded this contract based on having built our reputation as being the premier supplier of pigging products and services on a worldwide basis.

“Our experienced and flexible workforce, combined with our integrated state of the art design, manufacturing and testing facilities makes us the supplier of choice.”

Once the capital plant is delivered, the company will further provide technical support and expertise for ongoing pipe cleaning purposes throughout the life of the project.

In what has been a challenging time for companies operating in the oil and gas sector, the Brompton firm said it had bucked the trend with its sales growing by in the Middle East and South East Asia.

The company exports 84% of its turnover to six continents worldwide.

Simon Bell, managing director, said: “We are extremely pleased with the company’s performance over the last year.

“We have systematically improved delivery performance since relocation into to our larger, 60,000 ft state of art facility.

“We firmly believe that we have showcased our ability to adapt to changing market conditions and to deliver our world-renowned cost effective solutions to any part of the world.

“This project demonstrates that we are an innovative and progressive company that will continue to break new barriers in delivering first of its kind solutions across the globe.”

The company has ambitious plans to deliver its 90-inch pipe cleaning solution to turnkey suppliers across the world.

The company has also been busy behind the scenes conducting a company rebrand, which was launched in late 2016.