Brymor Ice Cream invests in solar energy

Brymor Ice Cream has made a six-figure investment in the installation of a solar PV array, which will see the amount of electricity it pulls from the grid reduced by up to 50 per cent.

The 100Kw PV scheme consists of 256 individual 395W panels which will produce around 85,000 free kWh of electricity over a 12-month period, reducing Brymor’s costs by approximately £20,000 in year one – with further savings in the following years due to the current energy market.

Sales and distribution manager, Heather Wilson said: “Being based in such stunning surroundings, we are very conscious of our effect on the environment and are always looking for ways we can reduce our impact.

“With a large area of roof on the building where we produce our ice cream, it was the perfect opportunity to install solar PV and take another step towards being greener.

“In the current climate, the savings that the investment will enable us to achieve also means that we can invest in other areas of the business, which over time will create jobs and further support our local economy.”

The self-funded £100,000 installation is part of wider, significant investment into the site and business since 2015.

The changes include a return of the young dairy heifers in the end shed later this year and a farm field walk will be introduced in summer 2023.

Steven Dresser, owner of Dresser Solar, which carried out the work, said: “We were thrilled to be contracted by Brymor to install this array, and the work was completed within a week with minimal disruption to the business or its customers.

“It’s great to be able to contribute to yet another company choosing to be ‘greener’, and of course – while on site we enjoyed plenty of the delicious ice cream.”

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