‘Bunometer’ predicts Richmond’s European election voting behaviour

Fundraising is a piece of cake for volunteers planning this year’s Richmond in Bloom entry.

Dennis and Elizabeth Graves, who run Mocha in Richmond market place, have put together a ‘bunometer’ which is proving a big hit in the town.

Visitors to the shop are invited to buy a bun for £1, which is then iced with the political party they will be voting for at the European elections on May 23.

Their voting intentions are then noted on the bunometer.

All money taken will be used for the town’s entry in Yorkshire in Bloom.

Early indications from the bunometer are that the Brexit Party, as well as the Liberal Democrats and Yorkshire Party, are likely to do well in the town.

The Conservatives and Labour, however, are both lagging behind in fairy cake purchases.

Dennis said although it was meant as a fun way to raise money, people were taking the choice of bun very seriously.

“We’ve had couples coming in where one maybe gets a UKIP bun and the other a Lib Dem bun and they have a big debate about it.

“People are saying ‘what about the parties’ manifestos?’ I say that the only thing that is going to happen is that the money from the bunometer will manifest itself in more flowers around Richmond.”

The bunometer will stay in place until the election.


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