Cameron overcomes injury to take enduro title

Cameron Baker Haste.

A Richmond teenager has overcome injury to win a national enduro title.

Cameron Baker Haste, a Year 11 student at Richmond School and Sixth Form College, suffered dislocated and broken bones at the start of the season.

At the start of the year, just before the lockdown, 16-year-old Cameron had a simple fall off his bike dislocating and breaking his finger, forcing him to take nine weeks out to recover.

The lockdown fell in his favour, even though with regard to his riding it was a painful and frustrating time.

However, with riding, practice and events cancelled, Cameron was not missing out on competitions while he recuperated and it made it a little easier to accept the fact of not being able to ride.

Cameron said: “It has certainly been a different year, with so many ups and downs with recovering from my injury, Covid lockdowns, trying to keep mentally and physically fit as well as family illness.

“There have been a few hurdles to overcome along the way for me to bring home the trophy and I am so delighted to be crowned the 2020 Edge Offroad’s Motul National Cross Country and National Sprint Champion. It has definitely been a case of ‘no pain, no gain’!

“It has been a difficult and sad time for so many and Covid has affected so many sports. In enduro, it has been hard to practise, race, meet up with racing peers as well as get some parts for the bike.

“I have learned that ‘without risk, there is no reward’ and I certainly took plenty of risks and the reward is winning the championship, a great feeling. I just need to keep it up now in 2021.

“I couldn’t have achieved this success without the support of all my sponsors and family with everything they do. A special thank you goes to my main sponsors; Sonya Jarvis at Edge Offroad, Eurotek and Motul UK.”

Richmond School head Jenna Potter: “This is an amazing achievement for Cameron and highlights his drive, resilience and tenacity to persevere and not give up when faced with such a setback.

“We look forward to watching Cameron’s talent develop in 2021.”

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