Campaigners issue warning after lorry drivers’ ban

Leeming Industrial Estate.

Campaigners have warned a council which has banned lorry drivers from staying overnight on an industrial estate “not to bite the hand that feeds them”.

National campaign group Truckers Toilets UK said while it sympathised with residents near Leeming Bar Industrial Estate, Hambleton District Council’s Public Space Protection Order would not tackle the root of the issue.

Earlier this month, the authority approved a trial of the order, which would see officers empowered to fine anyone staying overnight in vehicles on the estates up to £100.

If the trial is considered successful, it is proposed to launch a second Public Space Protection Order at Thirsk Industrial Estate.

Recent late evening spot checks have shown up to 40 vehicles are parked on each estate or surrounding area on most weekday evenings, leading to complaints the areas were being used as “open toilets”.

The council said multi-agency discussions had not identified a suitable long-term solution to the concerns about persistent anti-social behaviour by lorry drivers.

Ahead of considering the order, the council held a public consultation which found 62 per cent of all respondents were opposed to the ban in Thirsk and 47 per cent at Leeming Bar.

However, 75 per cent and 61 per cent of residents and traders at Leeming Bar and Thirsk, respectively were in favour of the ban.

Introducing the order, Councillor Bridget Fortune, the authority’s leisure boss, said: “We want a better quality of life, we do not want open toilets as a result of lorry parking.”

Former lorry driver and haulage firm boss Samantha Bradley, of Truckers Toilets UK, said councils such as Hambleton, which prides itself on being a business-friendly authority, were taking “a big stick approach” to lorry drivers and failing to consider why there was a shortage of 60,000 lorry drivers nationally.

She said: “Nobody should have to put up with the consequences of the lack of facilities facing drivers.

“Employment brings heavy haulage, so there should be somewhere set aside for facilities for drivers. You can’t just bite the hand that feeds you.

“Without haulage you have got nothing, yet drivers are being treated in this way. In France and Germany drivers are given facilities and treated like professionals.”

Mrs Bradley said while a Government policy change last year had meant councils had to consider the provision of overnight facilities for drivers when considering new commercial developments, but most authorities had not examined facilities at existing developments.

She said: “This is a a big ship to turn around, but councils should be considering this.”

Hambleton District Council was unavailable for comment.


  1. It is really not safe for Lorry driver to drive around and look for place to sleep . It is pathetic pop couple toilets help not condemn . It time for lorry drivers to park their truck in the middle of m25 for a bit of sleep . You attack heart of British business ,they really on their products to be moved efficiency for a better UK ECONOMY !!!!!

  2. There are numerous reasonable solutions to problems of this nature, the problem needs to be addressed.
    The only way to stop a problem from being a problem is to FIX it, properly and with respect for all parties!
    Feel free to ask me for help!

  3. Transport companies do not want to pay for parking I recently went to the no rth of Scotland from London and back 2 of nights out I paid for parking out of my own pocket so lorry driver’s have to park on industrial estate’s or they can be paying between 30 and 40 pounds a night to park and when there are no goods being transported everyone will wonder why and lorry drivers do not enjoy shitting in lay byes and fields

  4. I have been a trucker for 40+ years and nobody wants a truck parked overnight near their precious premises, be it home or business. You might have just been delivering/tipping at that spot and been stuck on site for hours and your hours are short with a possibility of overrunning, where are we expected to park to stay legal? After 1800 or so most truckstops are booked vehicles only and motorway services are could be too far away for your time and you’re not garanteed to get a space anyway. So you overrun and hope DVSA don’t pull you over for the next month or so you park roadside. If this country got its arse in gear like the rest of Europe and realised that without us truckers you lot would have diddlysquat maybe we could move foreward.

  5. Uk as the worst driver conditions in Europe I been doing european work for a long time and uk it’s far the worse a rip off in overnight parking money disgusting shower facilities not even a wash room it’s provided like the ones at road chef not even a sink to clean owerselfs in the morning it’s like services here treat us like cattle u can get the odd lorry park but not many around no more

  6. Being a long distance driver myself it is about time we ousted the bad driver’s who persist in leaving mess and bags of rubbish. Don’t please tar us all with the same brush.

  7. They would rather see drivers parked in dangerous narrow laybys on the A19.I have been an hgv driver for over 40 years and can’t wait to get out of the industry.

  8. Maybe these councilors,instead of taking advantage of expenses for an expensive hotel want to spend a night in a tin can smaller than a jail cell with no legal requirement for heating during the winter.Maybe then they will understand and help create better facilities rather than ban then

  9. I am a retired lorry driver of over 40 years , in those years Cafe’s which includes overnight parking have all but disappeared , the reason for this is gready council’s , the big chain roadside eating houses have bought out these truckers overnight stopovers putting huge rents and taxes in to the council coffers, and banned overnight parking for truckers.forceing truckers to seek alternative parking ,another reason for trying to park on industrial sites is that deliveries have booking times and if you miss your delivery slot , you are normally turned away untill another day,people need to realize that if you buy anything from a shop a truck has probably delivered it,so when a vehicle is turned away that, is one reason the price of products go up. So local council’s and the government need to wake up and the smell the coffee and start to provide facilities for this very important band of professionals. I used to also drive in Europe and further where these places would go out of their way to provide facilities for the professional drivers of our country.

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