Car donated to primary school for children to play in

Pupils at Colburn Community Primary School received an early Christmas present from Swale Auto Sales which donated a Vauxhall Corsa for their playground.

The school earlier this term, began the OPAL (Outdoor Play and Learning) programme during their playtimes.

The programme improves breaktimes by allowing children to play in environments where experimentation and learning are valued and imaginative play is encouraged to foster creativity as children act out scenarios that they are not yet able to experience for themselves.

All staff are receiving training for OPAL and are excited about the endless possibilities available for the pupils. As a result, a Colburn midday supervisory assistant told her husband, a Swale Auto Sales employee, about the OPAL programme and the company made their generous donation.

Logan Newall, from the car firm, said: “Swale Auto Sales site 1, which is the original site where it all started with my grandad Philip Newall 20 plus years ago, was approached by Darren Maughan, who has worked for Swale Auto Sales for 18 years.

“His wife Fay Maughan works at Colburn Community Primary School. He asked if we could help out in any way with a donation of a car and spare tyres for the kids to entertain themselves on the playground.

“We are a very family orientated business that loves nothing more than to help out our local communities, be that with customers, local sports clubs, local businesses and more.

“We hope the kids at Colburn Community Primary School have endless hours of fun with the car and tyres we have donated to them.’

Year 5 School Council Representative, Alfie said: “We now have loads of stuff to do at playtime. I like the car best because it’s more like reality because I want a car when I’m older.”

Yousef Abdo, headteacher at Colburn Community Primary School, thanked everybody who has contributed resources for the OPAL playground, including parents of pupils, Colburn Village Hall, David Harker, Mark Willis, Marie Bartlett and Jordan Akers.



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  1. I’ll give it six months before someone either strips it or starts taking parts off it. I hope not but sadly it’s the society we now live in.

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