Car overturns after crashing on Tank Road

A car has come to a stop upside down after leaving the road near Richmond.

The incident happened on the road known locally as the Tank Road between Brokes and Half Penny House.

Police have attended the scene and left ‘police aware’ tape on the vehicle.

The words ‘send it’ have been graffitied on the vehicle after the crash.

It is known if anyone was injured in the incident.




  1. The way some were driving around Leyburn last night there will be more to come. Absolute idiots, no thought for pedestrians or other traffic. The Police need to get off their backsides and do some effective roads policing in the area, the sooner these idiots are off the road the better

  2. Not another one! I’m impressed by the driver’s ability to do this on a straight road without crashing into a wall or hedge.

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