UPDATED: Man arrested after police chase across Richmondshire

Photo: Dave Riley.

A car overturned after being chased by police at high speeds across the district today.

Police have confirmed a man was arrested following the incident.

North Yorkshire Police said in a statement: “At about 10.30am this morning we received a report of a vehicle being driven dangerously near Hornby.

The Skoda car was pursued by police towards Richmond and into the Dales, through Reeth and Gunnerside, before it crashed and overturned near Hawes.

The driver, a man in his 30s, was arrested on suspicion of dangerous driving and failing to stop. He was taken to hospital for treatment.

“Enquiries into the incident are at an early stage, and are ongoing.”

The chase was spotted by residents in Brompton-on-Swale and Richmond before it moved up Swaledale.

It is though the vehicles crossed into Wensleydale at the Buttertubs, before passing through Hawes.

It came to an end when the pursued car crashed at Appersett, with the vehicle coming to rest on its roof.

Several residents and motorists have said on social media how they nearly collided with the vehicles or were forced to take evasive action.

Others said they saw minor collisions with other vehicles as the driver attempted to evade police.

Residents in Hawes said the vehicle led police the wrong way up the Holme one-way system.

The moment it passed through the town was captured on a shop’s CCTV system., with the footage appearing to show at least one of its tyres had burst.



Paramedics were called to the scene.

Richmondshire Today has contacted North Yorkshire Police for comment.





  1. Let’s hope the occupants are injured and then they will have something to remind themselves how thoughtless and irresponsible they are

  2. That must be the same one I saw going like the clappers (and persued by police) up Quakers Lane this morning. Surprised they made it all the way to Hawes!

  3. Me and my mum were in a car on our way to Richmond this morning about 10.30am and the car behind us got hit and the on coming Car on the opposite side to the road through brompton on swale by this lunatic.

  4. We were heading towards Buttertubs when the Skoda rounded a bend and came towards us sideways. We were stopped as we had seen the blue lights. How the Skoda missed us we do not know. We are shocked but unhurt fortunately

    • I’d say they did an excellent job – no one killed or injured apart from the dangerous driver themselves. When you consider the type of roads, the numbers of walkers, farm vehicles etc on them this time of year it’s a good outcome. When they came through Hawes the police were keeping a sensible distance.

    • Not at all, we were there. They were NOT forcing him to be a maniac, He was perfectly capable of that without help !

  5. The person complaining about the police must have an issue with them, when they are just trying to do their duty to protect the community. Lets hope her complaint does not lead to public money being wasted on an investigation on them.

    • There will be an investigation into them anyway the car they were pursuing has caused damage and crashed. They have to refer themselves to the PCC.

    • I will be the First to stand up and be counted for the Police. !!! I was actually involved.. Was she ? or is she just another keyboard warrior with issues ?

      • Or perhaps I just read national newspapers too and know that there are other ways of stopping dangerous drivers than chasing them (thus encouraging them to drive even more dangerously) and that pedestrians are sometimes killed by the police drivers involved.

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