Car parks to be closed to visitors and free to residents

The car park at the Dales Countryside Museum.

Three Dales car parks are being closed from this weekend – to help prevent the spread of coronavirus.

Richmondshire District Council is closing the facilities in Muker, Langthwaite and Hawes to discourage people from taking unnecessary travel and coming into the Dales during the pandemic.

They will still be available for key workers and local residents – at no charge.

The council is working closely with the Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority which has closed all its car parks to the public.

“We urge people not to make unnecessary journeys and stay close to their own homes to access open spaces for exercise,” said Council Chief Executive, Tony Clark.

“We must all heed the warnings about this virus – and for the safety of our residents we have closed these car parks to visitors.”

The district council is also suspending charges in all its other car parks across the district to assist key workers – covers are being placed over all the payment machines until further notice.



  1. If you believe closing car parks will stop mindless idiots coming into the Dales then you need to think again. If they can’t heed the warnings to stay away, they will just park wherever they please in the villages/town. Which brave souls are going to monitor these car parks?

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