Car seized after driver spotted going wrong way side of roundabouts

An uninsured driver had their car seized after being spotted going the wrong side of roundabouts.

Police on patrol in Catterick Garrison stopped the vehicle last night.

PC Alex Wilkinson said the poor driving included “driving around the wrong side of roundabouts” and “showing a clear disregard for the rules of the road”.

He added: “When the vehicle was stopped it became clear that the driver should have never been behind the wheel as they did not hold any insurance for the vehicle.

“The vehicle was seized, and the driver has been reported for the offences.

“Uninsured drivers raise insurance prices for everyone as when they are involved in a collision the bill is paid through the premiums of every other law-abiding driver. Please take the time to ensure that your vehicle documents are in order, don’t be caught out.

“If your driving documents are not valid, you run a very high risk of losing your vehicle, plus being prosecuted for any offences.”