Cash available for extra street lighting in Richmondshire towns and villages

An LED street light.

Parishes in Richmondshire are to get the chance to bid for extra street lights.

The district council is making £45,000 available – enough for 30 new lights to be installed in towns and villages.

Parishes can apply for three each and they will be considered on a first come, first served basis.

The new scheme is part of a larger street lighting improvement project approved by members of the council’s corporate board this week.

That £220,000 scheme will also see the completion of a programme to replace all the outdated concrete lights and worn out lamps and brackets across the district, with solar lights being considered as a first option.

The council owns and manages 1800 street lights, mostly in non public highway locations.

Its ten year maintenance programme also includes part-nighting – giving parish and town councils the option to switch lights off from midnight to 5am to reduce light pollution and energy costs.

So far 284 lights in 20 parishes have been switched to this system – and new installations under the scheme will automatically be part-nighted.

“This scheme will see all the street lights across the district updated – we began this work in 2013 but with the extra money we have allocated this week we will see it finished two years early,” said council leader, Councillor Angie Dale.

“Making sure our communities are safe is a key aim of this council, these new street lights will go some way towards that.”

Requests for new lights will be accepted from May 1 – for more information check out