Catterick business owner facing closure due to new town centre development seeking legal advice

The Barbers Shop in Catterick Garrison.

A Catterick Garrison business owner facing closure due to the new town centre development scheme says she is taking legal advice.

Andrea Hornsby has run The Barbers Shop in Shute Road, Catterick Garrison, for the last 19 years.

The building, which she leases from a private landlord, is one several which have been earmarked for demolition to make way for the new Catterick Garrison town centre project.

The £21 million scheme, being delivered as part of the Government’s levelling up initiative, aims to create a new town centre, including a community and business skills centre, a town square and improved park facilities.

Andrea has been offered compensation of around £9,300 from the Defence Infrastructure Organisation, which is part of the MoD, to leave, but she says this is far short of the amount needed to relocate.

The business owner, who also runs a barbers in Richmond Market Place, said: “I think it’s absolutely disgusting.

“There’s all these businesses closing in the area and I’m being forced to shut and am going to be left out of pocket to move somewhere else.”

Andrea says she spent thousands on the building over the years to improve it.

She added: “When they first started talking about the new town centre, they said we could have a shop there.

“But now that’s changed and they don’t want us anymore.”

The business woman says she has been left with no choice but to seek legal advice.

Two other businesses are also facing closure due to the premises being demolished.

It is understood several other buildings in Shute Road will be demolished, although these are currently vacant.



An artist’s impression of the new town centre.

The Defence Infrastructure Organisation, part of the MoD, is in the process of buying the building to ensure it can be demolished to make space for the Catterick town centre scheme.

Officials say they have held informal discussions with affected business owners for the last 18 months, and they will have six months’ notice to leave once the sale is finalised.

A Ministry of Defence spokesperson said: “The Catterick Town Centre development, which is in partnership with North Yorkshire Council, will provide improved facilities for our soldiers, their families and the local civilian population of Catterick and the surrounding area.

“The compensation offered to affected business owners meets statutory standards and we will continue engaging with local businesses to ensure disruption is minimal.”



  1. They can’t even rent out all the properties on princess gate because rent & rates are 2 high another red herring me thinks waste of money

  2. Do the right thing buy them out and set them up elsewhere, in the overall scheme of £21m for redevelopment it’s a tear drop, but we are talking Tax Payer Funded Military & Council Organisations here who very rarely do the right thing with our money!!!

  3. As if more coffee shops, fast food outlets are needed. What kind of leveling up is this meant to be, more like the NYCC being duped again by the MOD.

  4. An posh centre whatplanet do the DIO live on officers deciding what they think would look good for them, when they should look at reopening the cinema, getting a banking centre in to the garrison, who in their right mind wants to sit out side drinking in our glorious summer weather. Lol.

  5. Catterick Town Centre.
    What a laugh, after DIO and other organisations have finished playing with it, it will look like any other concrete jungle you find all over England.

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