Catterick Crusaders raise £600 for charity from bucket collection

Catterick Crusaders RLFC Touch section has raised an impressive £600 for charity with a weekly bucket collection.

When the Touch section started a year ago, not only did the participants want to have some fun throwing a ball around on a Friday night, they also wanted to try and give something back to the club and to charity.

It was therefore decided that at the sessions on a Friday night, players would make a voluntary contribution of a pound into a charity bucket.

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The Touch section decided to split the money raised five ways, giving to Cystic Fibrosis Trust, SSAFA, Yorkshire Air Ambulance, Breast Cancer Care and lastly, back to the club.

This concept was loosely based on chairman Jason Grant’s experience of having paid into, and benefited from Soldiers League, who raise money for the Army RL representative sides but also give a huge amount to service charities each year.

A year on and  the bucket has had its seal broken and the cash has been counted.

The club is pleased to announce that the voluntary contributions have come to an impressive £600 in total, with each split getting £120 each.

Jase said: “Crusaders Touch now go into the final round of Coast to Coast in Blackpool extremely proud that, as a section, they have effectively paid for themselves, but they have supported some extremely worthy causes.”

The cheque presentations to the charities are scheduled to take place at the junior end of season awards.

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