Catterick Garrison teachers come together to swap ideas

Catterick Garrison teachers at the TeachMeet event.

Risedale Sports and Community College has hosted a TeachMeet event which saw teachers from schools across Catterick Garrison coming together and sharing good practice as part of the Catterick Garrison Collaborative.

Risedale’s TeachMeet was organised by assistant principal Sarah Matthewman, giving both primary and secondary school practitioners the opportunity to get to know one another better, share practical ideas and tips and talk together about how further collaborative working could help develop the education provision for young people in the Catterick area.

She said: “I consider myself very fortunate to be part of the Catterick Collaborative working alongside such passionate teachers.

“I hope that this will be the first of many collaborative events where we can share our innovative teaching and learning strategies and find new ways to engage our students.”

The audience left with ideas to try in their classrooms.

Colin Scott, principal at Risedale, said: “This event has proved to be such a useful opportunity for us to work side by side with our primary school colleagues.

“By working together we can firmly lay the foundations for a progressive learning journey for all our students, starting at primary school and continuing right through to their time in secondary education and beyond.

“This joined-up approach is something that Ofsted are very keen to see in our curriculum development and we can already see the benefits of this integrated methodology.”

Alice Thomas, year six teacher and computing lead at Le Cateau Community Primary School, said: “We’re so pleased that this event was organised.

“It’s given us a great opportunity to all work together. Sarah Matthewman has been fantastic working with our year 6 students and setting up opportunities for the primary school teachers to work with their secondary school counterparts.”

Sarah Bradshaw, year two teacher at Carnagill Community Primary School, said: ”We are currently organising a Festival of Friends for Catterick’s Service Children.

“Each school is nominating a champion who will attend a meeting once a term, linking the schools and the service community together.

“We’re really looking forward to working together and supporting our students as an integrated community.”

In total, over 65 staff joined together to share good practice.

The event involved teachers from Risedale, Hipswell, Le Cateau, Colburn and Carnagill.