Catterick Garrison troop number increase cancelled

Soldiers at the ITC in Catterick. Photo: Cpl Rupert Frere RLC/ Defence Imagery.

Catterick Garrison is no longer set to see a big increase in the number of military personnel stationed in the town.

Plans which would have seen the number of troops increase by 50 per cent — with an extra 3,500 troops — by 2031 have been scrapped — however Catterick will continue to be an important base for the military, the Ministry of Defence (MOD) has said.

The MoD’s Future Soldier plan has confirmed that Catterick Garrison will become home to the 1st (UK) Division, one of three UK Divisional Headquarters, and be a base for additional units including 21 Engineer Regiment which will move from Ripon in 2025.

However, military personnel numbers are expected to remain at around 6,500.

Richmondshire District Council Leader, Councillor Angie Dale, said: “While I am disappointed that the earlier projected growth of the garrison is not now happening, I am pleased to learn that its future as a major Army base in the North is secure.

“We will now work in partnership with the MOD and other agencies to ensure that the services needed to support the families and personnel working in the Garrison are provided; and that the future vision also takes into account the needs of local people living in and around the base.”

Cllr Dale said it was her understanding the changes would not affect plans for a new medical hub in Catterick Garrison or the creation of a town centre in the Shute Road area.

MoF bosses say new studies will aim to provide options for development of the garrison, with the first at Marne Barracks already underway to support the move of 21 Engineer Regiment.

A further study at Munster Barracks, beginning later this year, will focus on the needs of the units moving to Catterick in 2028.

Major General Richard Clements MBE, director of basing and infrastructure, said: “The Catterick laydown detailed in the Future Soldier announcement cements the Army’s commitment to Catterick as a major garrison.

“We are working hard to ensure that we create a living and working environment fit to meet the needs of the Service personnel and their families who will be based at Catterick now and in the future.

“We continue to collaborate with our partners at Richmondshire District Council, North Yorkshire County Council, NHS England/Improvement and the York & North Yorkshire Local Enterprise Partnership to ensure that our plans are aligned and that the vision for Catterick has the best interests of the military and civilian communities at its heart.”

North Yorkshire County Council Leader Councillor Carl Les said: “We are pleased to see the MOD’s ongoing commitment to, and investment in, Catterick.

“We look forward to continuing to work closely with the Army and other partners to ensure the best possible services and support for Garrison personnel – who, along with other Service families in North Yorkshire, play a vital role in the life of the county and make such a big and welcome contribution to our communities and strengthen our economy – and the people living and working in communities around the garrison.”


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  1. Good. We don’t need too many extra people spoiling the peace and quiet of the area.

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