Catterick Garrison woman to raise awareness of condition through Miss North Yorkshire contest

A Catterick Garrison woman hopes her participation in the final of Miss North Yorkshire 2020 will raise awareness about her condition.

Amber Killey, 22, will take part in the final of the modelling contest and pageant on April 17.

Amber has Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, a rare inherited condition that affects connective tissue.

The mother-of-one said: “I have hypermoblile EDS which causes my joints to be very unstable and dislocate easily, skin that bruises easily, extreme fatigue and chronic pain, due to it being a rare condition it took me a long time to get diagnosed.”

Amber finally saw a geneticist in 2017 who confirmed her doctor’s and rheumatologist’s suspicions.

“There is no cure for EDS or a specific treatment but there are many ways to help manage the day to day effects of living with EDS, which can be very tiring trying to find what works best for you so it’s another reason why I want to help others be aware of the signs and symptoms so they don’t have to suffer like I have done and the EDS support community is fantastic, even Jameela Jamil has recently spoken about having EDS.

“I decided to enter Miss North Yorkshire to prove to myself and others that if you have a passion in life you shouldn’t let a disability stop you from doing what you love.

“Of course I can’t do everything and have to find ways of managing certain situations to accommodate for my EDS but I accept it as part of my life and that’s the key to living with a disability.”

Amber is also raising vital funds for Middlesbrough children’s hospice Zoë’s Place.

“The hospice for two nights a week so fundraising is more important now than ever,” she added.