Catterick primary pupils plant new woodland

Primary school children from Catterick Garrison have planted a new woodland for future pupils.

Sixty saplings — including silver birch, rowan and wild cherry — were planted by the pupils of Wavell Schools’ Federation this week.

Wavell Schools’ Federation was delighted to learn recently that the Woodland Trust had accepted their application for the trees.

The collaboration was initiated by Wavell’s forest school leader Angela Clay.

The trees will take around ten to 20 years before they are fully grown.

The area will need to be maintained by the school community of Wavell.

Pupils will learn woodland management practice alongside forest school skills.

Angela said: “With all the coverage regarding climate change, these trees have arrived at a perfect time.

“They will absorb carbon dioxide and fill the local community’s lungs with oxygen.

“They will in time create shade during the summer months, while the pupils play on the school field and most of all, be an ideal location for Forest school and outdoor learning.

“This all comes during an exciting period of growth for Wavell, as recently two schools, Wavell community Infant and Nursery school and Wavell juniors, joined to become Wavell Schools’ Federation.

“Wavell is a welcoming and family centred garrison school and planting trees to benefit future generations, fits squarely within the ethos of the school community.

“Families and pupils for years to come will benefit from this planting, as well as the local environment and this makes us extremely happy.”