Catterick soldiers facing dismissal after failing drugs tests

Nineteen soldiers based at Catterick Garrison are facing dismissal for drugs use, it has emerged.

The soldiers serve with 1st Battalion the Yorkshire Regiment.

It has been claimed the disciplinary action follows the Army’s biggest ever drugs bust.

According to reports in the national press, the majority of the soldiers were Private rank but at least one was a Lance Corporal.

They had tested positive for cocaine or cannabis are now facing dismissal from the forces.

The soldiers had taken the drugs at the base at a home, it was alleged.

An Ministry of Defence spokesperson said: “A number of soldiers from 1 YORKS recently failed a Compulsory Drugs Test called at the request of the unit.

“The Army does not tolerate drug abuse within its ranks as it is incompatible with military service and operational effectiveness.

“Army personnel caught taking drugs can expect to be discharged.”

No other details were released.

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  1. There are 2 ways to fight a positive drug test in the military. Proving that there were errors in the collection and testing process or proving that any drug was consumed unknowingly. Hope this can hope someone.

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