Catterick’s Infantry Training Centre opens doors to MoD personnel

Photo: credit Sgt Donald Todd, RLC.

The home of British Army infantry training opened its doors to a range of MOD personnel on Thursday in a bid to show off the state-of-the-art techniques being used to develop warfighters.

Infantry Training Centre (ITC) Catterick invited nearly 100 people to witness how modern thinking and new equipment is turning millennials into effective troops that can represent their country with pride.

New methods include what is known as ‘blended learning’, which involves the use of personal mobile devices and a digital learning environment to ensure that recruits are not left behind when it comes to the fast pace of theory lessons.

In addition to updated training, equipment has also been refreshed to better reflect what British troops might be issued on operations to ensure that individuals become more familiar with what is at their disposal.

Infanteers are now given the Virtus body armour and helmet system as standard, while proficiency in a vast array of weapons makes sure that men and women leave the world class establishment with no stone left unturned.

The innovations utilised at ITC Catterick are designed to ensure the UK offers young soldiers skills for life, while the country gets a comprehensive and educated fighting force in return.