CCTV cameras to be used to stop anti-social behaviour at Richmond falls

People at the falls in May. Photo: Nigel Galbraith.

CCTV cameras are to be trained on the falls at Richmond to help deter anti-social behaviour.

Council chiefs and police are also looking to ban alcohol and barbecues at the beauty spot.

A task group made up of representatives from Richmondshire District Council, North Yorkshire Police, North Yorkshire County Council and councillors from both the district and county council, have agreed that a long term solution is needed to protect the area.

The group brought in stewards last weekend to marshal activity, and there was an increased police and military police presence.

They controlled access to the Falls by groups of young people and anyone who was seen to be carrying alcohol with them.

They dealt with parking issues and inconsiderate parking via road management and traffic enforcement.

“We must protect this area from recent abuse and anti-social behaviour,” said Councillor Helen Grant, deputy leader of Richmondshire District Council, spokesperson for community safety and speaking on behalf of the task group.

“A minority are spoiling it for the majority and we must take action.

“That will involve banning alcohol and the cooking of food and deploying cameras to record activity there.

“And we will look at the options to actively intervene during the forthcoming August bank holiday.

“We will not tolerate the behaviour we saw from these groups of people – we are working to protect our beauty spot for local residents and visitors who want to treat it with respect, not as a party spot.”

She said the council will now look at the actions needed to ban alcohol and barbecues as well as increasing social media exposure around the dangers of alcohol and drugs, particularly in relation to large social gatherings.

And it will work with other partners – including North Yorkshire County Council – to explore the implementation of a residents parking scheme around Sleegill, Bridge Terrace and The Green.

She said the situation will continue to be reviewed.