Chance meeting leads to artists’ collaboration and exhibition

Sue Dewhurst's Bedale Bikes.

A chance meeting between two local artists has led to a collaboration and exhibition.

In 2016, artist Sue Dewhurst was hosting a studio clear out session on the platform at The Station, Richmond, when she was approached by Rosemary North who asked if she had tried a new type of art pen.

The following day Rosemary returned having bought one of the pens as a gift for Sue. The two artists got talking and the seed of an idea was planted.

The exhibition This is Yorkshire is the fruit of that chance meeting and the collaboration has been in the making since that date.

Sue said: “As soon as I saw Rosemary’s work I realised that I would love to share an exhibition space.

“We paint very differently, Rosemary has a beautiful contemporary, ethereal quality and tone to her work with a  muted palette and I just can’t do subtlety at all with my bold and bright canvases of barns and Dales’ life and events.”

Rosemary added: “I really think that this mix of styles work well together, what we do share is a love of the landscapes of Yorkshire.

“There is really something for everyone and we would love to see what people think.”

It is fitting that the pair are able to show at The Station where the two artists first met by chance.

Sue said: “This is a special place to show work and somehow the stone walls, history and ambience of the former Victorian Railway Station on the banks of the Swale, add a little extra something to the artwork on show be it contemporary or traditional.

“It also makes you ponder what other chance meetings happened in this building. We are excited to bring our work to town.”

Sue will also be launching prints of the painting she was commissioned to do for Bedale Town Council in honour of the Tour de Yorkshire finish of stage two of the men’s race and stage one of the women’s on May 3.

The show is set to run on the Mezzanine at The Station from Saturday, March 9 until Wednesday, March 20 and the two artists will be having a meet the artists event on Saturday, March 9, 10am to 3pm.