Chance to vote for Skeeby six-year-old with rare disorder to be a hero

Richmondshire residents are being urged to vote for a little boy with a rare disorder to help raise awareness of his condition and try to win him and his family a holiday.

At the age of three, Aaron Lawrence, from Skeeby, was diagnosed with a rare Urea Cycle Disorder called Ornithine transcarbamylase deficiency (OTC).

This metabolic disorder means he has to have a low protein diet and medication three times a day. He also needs regular hospital treatment.

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Each time Aaron, now six,  gets any illness that stops him eating or makes him sick, he has to have an intravenous drip until he is better.

Mum Anne says Aaron copes well with multiple blood tests, cannulas and hospital life.

She added: “He has learnt that these are part of his life and despite all the discomfort and pain he suffers, he still always skips into the children’s ward each time without hesitation.

“His strength amazes me and I am so proud of how he copes with everything – from never complaining when he can’t have a burger, to taking his medication three times a day without fail.”

To raise awareness of his condition, Anne has nominated her son to the My Metabolic Hero scheme, which is run by Charity Climb and aims to highlight metabolic disorders.

She added: “He has grown into a loving caring child who helps his friends when they hurt themselves at school and always knows the right thing to say to make them smile.

“At the moment he knows he has a special diet and that something in his body is missing a tiny thing but that is all he realises to date.

“However, as he grows older and learns more, I hope he will carry on with his amazing positive approach and keep on teaching us all how to make the most of every precious day we are given with our loved ones.

“We have been warned that his condition may worsen as he gets older but until then, we just want a chance to spend as much time with our family and make life as normal as possible for him.”

You can vote for Aaron to be the national My Metabolic Hero by clicking here.

Cast your vote by midnight on 23rd September, and Aaron could be the national My Metabolic Hero and he and his family could win a short break at Center Parcs.