All change as Wensleydale Railway general manager retires

A train on the Wensleydale

The directors of Wensleydale Railway Plc have announced that general manager Nigel Park will be retiring from the end of March.

Carl Les, interim chairman of the company, said Nigel had been in the position since 2011, when he stepped in to the breach when a previous incumbent left.

He added: “He has spent seven years meeting with, and sorting, the numerous challenges that crop up at small heritage railways like this.

“I’m sure he is looking forward to a well earned rest, and the Board and shareholders of the company owe him a debt of gratitude for all his efforts.

“And we must remember that with many small companies like this, when you buy one, you get one free. His wife Mo has been a stalwart supporter of all his efforts, and a volunteer in her own right.”

“I`m pleased to say we are not losing their skills and experience however. They will both continue as volunteers and their contributions will be greatly welcome as indeed we appreciate the support of all our railway family of volunteers and staff.”

Nigel said the last seven years had been challenging, but had been made both enjoyable and satisfying by that group who make up the Wensleydale Railway’s staff, supporters and volunteers.

He added: “We have come a long way together and I am looking forward to continuing as a volunteer to contribute to the railway’s development”

Richard Brown, presently operations manager, has been successful at interview and will be promoted to general manager from April 1.

Two new paid staff appointments are also being made this month – Angela Frame, as catering manager, and Rebekah Jerram as events co-ordinator as the railway proceeds with its development plan to secure a sustainable future.

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  1. Well done Nigel Park,
    But why does a railway as small as wensleydale have so many paid full time jobs and salaries,

    Look at other railways who are very successful and same size they have a quarter of paid staff.
    we have had these posts before and they have just drained the bank, we have sold Aysgarth Station NOT to pay staff but to get railway from redmire to aysgarth. A large salary bill will leak away all that valuable funds.

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