Changes to recycling service announced in Richmondshire

Richmondshire District Council recycling boxes.

Changes to the way residents sort their kerbside recycling in Richmondshire are being introduced.

From April 1 they will no longer need to separate glass from cans and plastic – and can place all their recyclables in either the green or black boxes.

A divider will no longer be necessary if residents only have a green box.

Paper and card should continue to be placed in the blue or white bags.

The collection of textiles will stop at this time – as the collection vehicles are being changed to have just two compartments for the recycling materials.

The new vehicles have two compartments, which enable operatives to continue to collect glass cans and plastics separately from paper and card.

Richmondshire District Council corporate director, Colin Dales, said: “The vehicles we’ll be using from April will offer a more efficient service for our residents – they will make it simpler and easier for our residents to recycle their waste.   They replace our older recycling collection vehicles where were coming to the end of their life.

“Unfortunately the changes mean textiles can no longer be collected at the kerbside but they can still be recycled by residents at the local bring sites and household waste recycling centres. Only a handful of textile bags are put out for recycling by residents each week which amounted to less than six tonnes per year.”

For information on bring bank sites and Household Waste Recycling Centres check out: or



  1. Why doesn’t the council just supply an extra wheelie bin for all recycling so when it’s raining or very windy the recycling doesn’t get blown all over the roadways, a lot of the recycling boxes that people leave out in the area don’t have lids on them.

  2. I hope this new council will provide use this time with recycling boxes with hinged lids which catch shut to stop the lids and contents blowing all over the streets on windy days.

  3. My complaint is that in January a large Christmas tree was put out for collection and is still there at the Junction of Victoria Road and Rosemary Lane outside the Pizza shop also the area is a disgrace with the large rubbish bins that are continuously parked there
    Thank you in anticipation of something being done about it

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