Children climbing onto roofs in Catterick Garrison risking serious injury, say police

Children climbing onto roofs and entering derelict buildings are risking serious injury, police in Catterick Garrison have warned.

Catterick’s neighbourhood policing team is urging parents to make sure they know where their children are and what they are up to during the Easter holidays.

The warning comes after a spate of incidents since the holidays began.

A spokesperson said: “Police and the fire service have been called to numerous reports of youths climbing onto the roofs and illegally entering derelict buildings, without being aware of the potential consequences of their actions, not only is this extremely dangerous, there is a significant risk of serious injury. It is also an offence.

“Any behaviour that spills over into criminal acts such as criminal damage or trespass will be treated very seriously and offenders can expect to face action.”

Police say this could mean the young people are logged on the police system, could end up being charged with a criminal offence and could mean a referral to other agencies.

“As a preventative measure, we are urging parents and carers to work with us over half term and make sure you know where your children are going to be and what they are doing.
“Most young people are well behaved and act responsibly during the holidays, but those who break the law could find themselves being arrested.
“To be clear we will not move youths on who are not causing issues. Their presence alone is not an issue in most circumstances; however, some youngsters can find themselves getting drawn into anti-social behaviour, including intimidating residents by gathering in large groups and being disruptive.

“Our policing teams will respond to such issues and will use powers to disperse these groups if necessary.”