Children organise quiz for Friarage

From left, Amy McGregor, Ellie Weems and Leah McGregor.

A charity quiz will be held at the Bolton Arms in Redmire this week.

The event, from 8pm on Thursday, will raise money for the Mowbray suite at the Friarage Hospital in Northallerton.

It is being organised by three children, Leah McGregor, Ellie Weems and Amy McGregor.

Karen, Leah and Amy’ mum, who works at the Bolton Arms, said: “They wanted to organise it to give a little bit back to the ward that is treating Leah’s and Amy’s grandad and helped Ellie’s mum.

“It has also helped or helping many other people round the Dales to fight cancer.”

There will also be a raffle and pie and pea supper.

Quiz entry and supper is £5. Raffle separate.

People just need to turn up on the night.