Children rally to stage a magical Christmas show

Altogether now - children from Hawes Primary School stage their annual nativity play. Picture, Hanna Vasey.

by Betsy Everett

The annual nativity play at a Dales primary school nearly had to be cancelled when cast members were struck down with a winter bug.

But the children, from Reception through to year two of Hawes Community Primary School, rallied just in time to stage the traditional story for parents, governors and friends – with an added twist.

“Hey Ewe!” was narrated from the perspective of the main character, a sheep: a creature familiar to children from a deeply rural community.

The sheep, wondering what all the fuss is about – angels, wise men and a large star in the sky – goes with the shepherd to see the baby Jesus. But he’s not impressed with the impractical gifts of the wise men, and offers instead his own fleece to keep the new-born baby warm.

“We were concerned that we might have to cancel the play this year because we have had so many children off ill,” said head teacher, Hanna Vasey, who took the stunning pictures.

“However, we managed to go ahead with most children back in time for the performance,” she added.

Staff members Andrea Caygill and Di Burton, with colleague, Emma Fothergill, produced and directed the play and organised the costumes.

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