Club Louis’ licence to be reviewed amid concerns over violence and anti-social behaviour

Club Louis. Photo: Google

Club Louis in Catterick Garrison is to have its licence reviewed after police raised concerns about problems of violence, anti-social behaviour and drink driving.

North Yorkshire Police has applied to Richmondshire District Council for the nightclub’s licence to be looked at.

The force said it got more calls to incidents at the garrison club than any other bar or nightclub in North Yorkshire and York in the 12 months to March 1, including venues in Scarborough, York and Harrogate.

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The main grounds for review are that the police say the management of the club “do not actively promote the licensing objectives of the prevention of crime and disorder and public safety”.

The report added that a number of incidents of crime including serious violent crime, disorder and antisocial behaviour had been recorded by police at the club.

A list of incidents which police attended over the last year is provided.

It highlights numerous assaults, fights and other incidents of disorder. An alleged sexual assault that was later found to be false, an assault by a door supervisor and an attack on a man by a woman using her stiletto shoe are among the incidents listed.

Other issues raised by the police include a recent burlesque show by performer Sapphire Whiskers at the club, which can admit young people under 18 if accompanied.

The force says children should not be allowed in if adult entertainment is being staged.

Police say that due to the club’s location it also has a particularly high number of drink drive incidents.

Concerns are raised about the steps leading up to the front door, with a number of people suffering injuries falling down the steps.

The report states that a family living on St Quentin Road complained about the anti-social behaviour and late night noise. The problem was so bad that they were later rehoused by the Army.

Residents living near the club also suffer from disturbance caused by late night vehicles, it is claimed.

Two have provided statements documenting the problems they have suffered.

One resident said: “My children aged 9 and 10 have had to witness fighting between grown men from their bedroom window, my child stood and wet himself while screaming at his window while two men kicked and punched another male around the grass, we’ve encountered males urinating in our gardens, and stopped a couple having sex outside our own door.”

Police say Louis became busier after The Fleece in Richmond closed.

Concerns are also raised by the Catterick Garrison Army commander and North Yorkshire County Council.

However, staff are praised for taking a stance on drugs and drink drivers.

A letter of support was also received from Pat McCusker, manager of sexual health charity Yorkshire MESMAC services in York and North Yorkshire.

She said: “Club Louis have been fantastic in offering support for our work in providing community based HIV and STI testing and outreach.

“We now regularly use the venue to support its patrons and fulfil our charitable purposes by providing condoms, lube and other safer sex resources as well as providing HIV and STI testing. In particular the management of Club Louis have been very proactive in inviting us to the LGBT night.

“My impression of the venue is that it is an important community asset for the LGBT community, my understating is that it is the only venue in Richmondshire which provides a safe and accessible night life opportunity for the LGBT community.

“I hope that this important contribution to the social lives of the LGBT community well be considered when decisions on Club Louis licence are being made.”

The licence will be reviewed at a meeting on May 30.

Police are proposing changes including limiting opening hours to 2am – the club currently has a licence until 4am on Friday and Saturday nights.

Catterick Commander Lieutenant Colonel Joe Jordan said in his response: “By no means does Catterick Garrison want to see the closure of Club Louis but due to the concerns mentioned would support a move to see the opening hours reduced to more acceptable time.

“We need to do what is right by our people, whether that is protecting service families from unruly behaviour or our service personnel from the perils of excessive alcohol consumption.

“For these reasons Catterick Garrison would support a reduction in the licensing hours of these premises.”

It is understood Club Louis has attempted to address some of the concerns outlined in the report.

Taxis have been urged to stop away from the nearby residential areas and clubbers have been requested to leave quietly after a night out.

The club also takes part in the Pubwatch scheme.

To view the review documents click here.