Club Louis targets non-drinkers with new stock

Club Louis. Photo: Google

A Richmondshire nightclub is targeting non-drinkers with a new range of non-alcoholic drinks.

Club Louis, in Catterick Garrison, has introduced a selection of non-alcoholic lager and cider, as well as its existing range of soft drinks, and teas and coffees.

The club hopes the new range will appeal to non-drinkers and those who are cutting down on their alcohol intake as part of their new year’s resolutions.

Steve Wignall, one of the directors at Club Louis, said: “Pubs and clubs are under significant financial pressure, with hundreds closing down each year.

“Reaching out to a growing number of people who abstain from alcohol is important for the continued viability of Club Louis and the wider pub and club trade.

“We aim to promote the message that you can still have fun, meet friends and socialise, without alcohol, in the garrison.”