Colburn-based education hub celebrates success with unique graduation

Pupils at the PT Hub graduation.

PT Hub, a specialist alternative education provision, has celebrated the success of their pupils — known as ‘hubsters’ — with a unique graduation ceremony.

Staff at the centre based on Colburn Business Park felt that it was imp[important to hold an event for their primary and secondary hubsters to end the academic year on a positive note.

The Y10 and Y11 pupils received their functional skills and BTEC results and all pupils received a unique Hub award, celebrating their individual strengths.

The Y11 hubsters’ GCSE results will be received in August.

PT Hub director Becca Morgan said: “Our young people have had some very negative experiences prior to coming to us.

“In some ways, the school system has failed them, there are not enough resources available for schools to utilise for pupils who are struggling because they don’t fit into mainstream education.

“As a result some of our young people come to us feeling rejected and like failures.

However, we are fortunate in the Hub to have THRIVE trained specialists who provide one-to-one teaching in individual classrooms, which is not only extremely important but also produces tangible results.

“All of the Y11 students at the hub have done exceptionally well in their exams and have passed qualifications that would not otherwise be available to them in mainstream schools.

“Even the most challenging of students, who have been unable to secure a place in North Yorkshire schools have passed qualifications with us and I couldn’t be more proud.”

Mike Watt, head of teaching and learning opened the celebrations by saying: “We are very lucky to work with some of the most amazing young people in North Yorkshire.

“We often comment to each other about what a wonderful privilege it is to come to work. That’s because it is a very special place.

“It’s full of staff who genuinely care and are determined to do their very best for the young people that we work with.

“This afternoon we are recognising that the talents, skill, patience and resilience of our staff has helped all of our young people achieve success. But more importantly, without exception, often in very challenging circumstances, these young people never gave up.”

As part of the graduation ceremony, each student received a certificate and framed photo collage which was presented to them by Emily Alderson and Mary Morgan from the senior leadership team.

The afternoon ended with a buffet spread and an opportunity for parents, carers, teachers and hubsters to share their experiences of the hub.

One Y11 pupil said: “Coming here to the hub saved me.

“I feel like I am part of a family and I belong somewhere. In my last school I was never in the classroom, I was wondering around the corridors.

“I have just passed Level 1 and Level 2 BTEC Home Cooking, Functional skills English and Maths and I am waiting for my GCSE PE results but I know that I received 33/35 for the practical assessment.”

Another hubster said: “I didn’t think I was going to pass anything until I came here and I have just passed Functional Skills English and Maths and I am waiting for some GCSE results.”

The recent turn of events for one particular hubster has been nothing short of spectacular.

His carer explained that he’d turned his life around since attending The Hub, had recently turned his back on crime and has just started a new part-time job.

Andy Leivers, from the senior leadership team, said: “The strength of the Hub family and the collective responsibility we all share enables our young learners to feel safe, achieve their potential and have their needs met.

“We are an amazing team that is lead in a way that has empathy and enthusiasm in bundles and cares for all. We should all celebrate our love for what we do and achieve.”

Becca said that their unique approach to alternative education had seen an increase in pupil numbers year on year and they were proud to now hold a Thrive School of Excellence Award and had just been officially recognised by the ADHD Foundation as an ADHD friendly school.

Becca explained that she too was neurodiverse, as she suffers from ADHD.

She read an emotional poem during the afternoon about what it is like to have ADHD, which resonated with a lot of parents and pupils.

She went on to explain that neurodiversity isn’t an affliction, it is a superpower, which was met with strong agreement from the hubsters.

She said: “Those with ADHD often struggle in a world that is designed for neurotypical people.

“They face challenges in both their professional and personal lives as they strive to be seen as competent and capable.

“People with ADHD have the ability to see the world in a different way and to use their unique perspective to their advantage.

“I believe that with the right support, neurodiverse pupils can thrive in spite of the challenges they face.

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