Colburn bridleway closed after hole appears

Members of the public are being urged to avoid a bridleway in Colburn after a large hole appeared in the ground.

North Yorkshire County Council has closed the bridleway, known locally as Derby Way, leading from Catterick Road through the Horseshoe Close housing estate and crossing Sour Beck.

Officials say investigations are ongoing into the extent of the subsidence damage prior to design and repair work being carried out.

Local member county councillor Helen Grant said: “I would like to stress the need for locals to be mindful of the emergency closure and to take due care and attention if you come close to the site, especially with children.

“We appreciate that the closure of this well-used bridleway will be an inconvenience but we have taken the decision in the interests of public safety.

“Please be assured that we will reopen the route as soon as it is safe to do so.

“It will no doubt involve complex repairs so we will work closely with the landowner and keep the public informed as we progress.”

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