Colburn councillor Angie Dale named new district council leader

Richmondshire council leader Angie Dale.

Colburn councillor Angie Dales has been selected to be the new leader of Richmondshire District Council.

Her deputy will be Scotton councillor Helen Grant.

The pair were chosen by fellow councillors at a full council meeting tonight.

Both are members of the Richmondshire Together group on the council.

The Conservatives lost overall control of the council at the May 2 elections – the party won ten of the 24 seats with independents taking 10 seats, liberal democrats three seats and green party one seat.

The Liberal Democrats and Green Party have joined forces, and together with nine of the independents they have formed the new Richmondshire Together group, which has taken control of the council with Councillor Paul Cullen as group leader.

Councillor Stuart Parsons has been elected to chair the authority for the next 12 months.

He has been a district councillor since May 2003  representing the Richmond west ward.

The new vice chairman is Councillor Clive World.

Appointments were also made to the following committees:

  • Corporate Board: Councillors Angie Dale (chair); Helen Grant (vice chair)
  • Planning Committee: Councillors John Blackie (chair); John Amsden (vice chair)
  • Licensing Committee: Councillors Clive World (chair); Lorraine Hodgson (vice chair)
  • Scrutiny Committee (internal): Councillors Paul Cullen (chair); John Amsden (vice chair)
  • Scrutiny Committee (external): Councillors William Heslop (chair); John Blackie (vice chair)
  • Audit, Governance and Standards Committee: Councillors Angus Thompson (chair); Lawrence Grose (vice chair).

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