Colburn councillor raises concern about 160-house estate plan

The location of the proposed Colburndale housing.

A councillor has raised concerns about plans for 160 new homes in Colburn.

Kevin Foster, Green councillor for Hipswell and Colburn, has spoken out after funding was announced for developers to build more housing on the former Arc Factory, off Catterick Road, Colburn.

The new estate will be called Colburndale.

Cllr Foster pointed out that the housing, which has been discussed for a number of years with outline planning permission granted in 2018, would be just a mile away from another two housing developments in Brough St Giles.

“I support new housing in the area but essential services such as doctors and dentists are already under considerable strain.

“Adding to this pressure with 475 houses, without improvements to the infrastructure, is just short-sighted and ridiculous”.

He added: “The road from the A1 to Catterick Garrison, which passes through Colburn, is already close to capacity and is frequently congested.

“Even the bus service can not operate reliably, with buses often late and even worse, not turning up at all.

“The basic infrastructure needs to be improved before any consideration can be given to such an enormous increase in housing.”

Cllr Foster and other councillors had raised their concerns on several occasions over the years.

He now plans to write to the Prime Minister and the executive member for transport at North Yorkshire Council in an effort to get this issue addressed.

Across the county, nine schemes and 700 homes – which include 252 affordable homes – will receive a share of the York and North Yorkshire Brownfield Housing Fund.

A total of £9,177,000 has been allocated.